A day for dancing and fun in 2023.

On July 16, this Sunday was no ordinary hot summer day, but a day for dancing and fun. Every year in the month of July, one Sunday is more positive and sparkling white and the White Dinner event is held in Sofia.

The concept of a sophisticated urban picnic in white, gathered 720 guests at a location that was kept a complete secret until the day of the event.

Guests received emails and messages directing them to ten different meetings in the centre of the capital. Some of the messages enticingly read “Since when have you not been assigned a meeting at Popa or Pharmacy?”, which only old Sofians can make them smile and recall their teenage years.

From the meetings, guests headed with event coordinators to the White Dinner venue. This time the location was the National Palace of Culture (NPC), and the walk of crowds of smiling people in white, with picnic baskets and flowers in their hands, balloons, smiled many people near the fountains of the NPC, at the corner of Blvd. “Vitosha”, on the “Lovers’ Bridge”, in front of the St. George Church.

At the event, Stefan Valdobrev, singer Valentina Alexandrova took the stage and many gifts were given away by partners of the event.

Among the guests there were also popular faces from the media and the stage such as the singer Preya, Victoria Kapitonova, Eva Kikerezova, famous influencers, PR professionals, famous business ladies and even ambassadors.

At several themed corners, guests could entertain themselves with attractive photos and videos, order cocktails, even take a photo with the Eiffel Tower in miniature. The organizer of the event, Elena Spirina, told us that in addition to building on the very famous French format of the event with a contest with prizes, an eco message, themed bars and corners, entertainment with artists, we are also expected to see the format next year in neighboring countries.

We keep our fingers crossed for White Dinner and hope to have the opportunity to experience this white magic and positive emotion next year, with more of Bulgaria’s favorite artists and even more guests.

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