Secret place. Secret Meeting. White dinner in 2021.

In 2021, the White Dinner event will turn an interesting urban place in Sofia into a fairy-tale in white and will celebrate 5 years in Bulgaria of this global concept of a sophisticated urban picnic in white.

Where will the event be? We will find out on 03 July 2021.

It’s one of the best kept secrets, and no one but the manager in the organization knows – even artists, the subcontracting team, and the secret meeting coordinator team all find out literally hours before it all happens.

We admit it, it’s fascinating! Especially the one with the secret, getting an email telling you where to go to meet the White Dinner coordinator, who is a smiling young boy or girl dressed in white and with a bundle of white balloons in hand.

When you go once you are captivated and want to go again and again. Why? For a few hours you escape the dynamics of the city and are transported to a beautiful world, with smiling people, feeling the pure beauty of the white color, to the sounds of good music, with a glass of cold wine in your hand or drunk beer, home-cooked food, twinkling candle lights. You go alone or with your family or colleagues and hundreds of strangers with whom you become friends for a moment, because at the White Dinner you share your dinner, you sit together at the same table.

And above you are only the stars, which we rarely have time to enjoy.

The event as a concept takes place in dozens of cities around the world such as New York, Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, Hamburg, Milan, etc. bringing together from 1000 to 20,000 people in some of the larger locations around the world.

In Bulgaria, so far about 500 people gather at each event, and the organizers have adapted the model for Bulgaria and although in the whole world the guests bring everything themselves – including tables and chairs, in Sofia this is provided, as well as wine and beer and ice for the drinks on the spot, and the guests are left to show culinary skills and mostly to have fun.

For some companies it’s an occasion for summer team building with colleagues, for others it’s a chance to celebrate their friendship or spend a nice family night out with the kids.

White Dinner is a real white craze – some guests come with their babies and children dressed in white, while others playfully bring their white pet dog along, playfully tossing in “he’s white too, that’s why we got him”.

This coming Saturday, on July 3, Vladi Ampov – Grafa will be the guest performer.

The event continues with music and dancing with a DJ party, there will be acrobatics and 3 themed corners with hanging swings with flowers, glowing clouds and other art installations and is for people with an ECO attitude because disposable ware is prohibited.

White Dinner is the romantic, different and stylish, musical and culinary event of Sofia!

Organizers acknowledge that it will soon be in other cities and neighboring states. We’re definitely excited about the opportunity to become part of the pulse of another city and country with an experience like this and to get to know different cultures and people and become part of such an informal networking experience.

Our team will be there, but where are you on the 3rd of July?

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