“White Dinner 2020” – an exquisite picnic under the stars at the Military Academy with Stefan Valdobrev

Despite the pandemic in 2020, the annual summer event “White Dinner” took place and for the fourth time gathered 420 guests for a sophisticated picnic under the stars.

The place and time of the meeting were a mystery until the last moment.

To reach the final event, people gathered at secret locations in the capital and together, with a spectacular flashmob, moved towards the exquisite dinner. In 2020, the “White Dinner” was at the Military Academy Park.

All attendees were charged with good spirits, full baskets of food and drinks, decorating their own tables. A special surprise for the evening were Stefan Valdobrev and Stunji on stage.

Savex detergent company was a partner of the event and this was the reason why part of the fun was a soap bubble show. Among the other partners of the event are the cosmetic brand Merz Spezial, the premium German beers Radeberger and Schofferhofer, and the general sponsor of the event as always the event company PARTY MANAGEMENT.

Among the guests were dozens of social media influencers, sex guru and professional psychologist and media personality Natalia Kobylkina with her husband, photographer Vasil Karkelanov, Yordana Dimitrova from “The Magnificent Woman’s Circle” and many others.

“The message every year is to be eco-friendly, to enjoy the whole process of creating and not just being consumers. Eco because disposable utensils like plastic are banned and people actually bring glass, porcelain, metal utensils and try to make something very beautiful that sometimes you don’t even do at home,” said organizer Elena Spirina.

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