708, 2023

“White Dinner 2020” – an exquisite picnic under the stars at the Military Academy with Stefan Valdobrev

Despite the pandemic in 2020, the annual summer event "White Dinner" took place and for the fourth time gathered 420 guests for a sophisticated picnic under the stars. The place and time of the meeting were a mystery until the last moment. To reach the final event, people gathered at [...]

708, 2023

Losing control with Miro from songs and dances at White Dinner 2019

In 2019, the White Dinner event was even more eagerly awaited by all Sofians. The event was held for the third consecutive year in Sofia, on Sunday, 7 July 2019, with the famous Bulgarian music artist Miro. Over 530 enthusiastic guests dressed in white met the organizers who were waiting [...]

708, 2023

Mystery, a secret location, surprise, and then beauty, splendour and music in 2018.

Mystery, secret location, surprise, and then beauty, splendour and music - an elegant and memorable white night... On July 12, the Ball Dinner, an event that is held for the second time in Bulgaria, took place on the beautiful Banski Square in front of the emblematic architectural masterpiece - the [...]

708, 2023

Sofia became one of the global locations with “Dinner in White” in 2017.

Bulgaria has officially joined the list of countries hosting the "White Dinner". One of the main traditions of White Dinner worldwide is to keep the location secret until the last hours, Bulgaria did not cheat the rule. 320 people dressed in white met the organizers waiting for them with a [...]

2502, 2019

White Dinner© – a true summer gourmet adventure: food for the senses and the soul 🙂

Yes! This is White Dinner in Sofia and Varna! White Dinner© is a real summer gourmet adventure!Looking through the details and photos, we can almost never believe how awesome the participants are. Dozens of them are planning their participation with great care. They indulge in gourmet delights, arrange details carefully and [...]

1706, 2017

Culinary customs from around the world – the other face of White Dinner Sofia

It is said that the traveller gets to know foreign lands best only after he has tasted their local cuisine ! And on 27.07.2017. you won't need to stash your passport in your bag, because the culinary journey will be among you! Let's turn the centre of Sofia into an [...]

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