The global concept of a sophisticated urban picnic with a white dress code was launched in Paris 33 years ago by its creator François Pasquier. Today, the event is part of the pulse of dozens of cities around the world and brings together up to 20,000 participants at venues in some of the world’s top destinations such as Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Vienna, Hamburg, Montreal, Dubai, Berlin, Johannesburg and more. To date, the concept has been implemented by various companies around the world and is known as Diner en Blanc, Cena en bianco, Totally White, The Grand White, Dinner in White and White Dinner.

The “White Dinner” event has been held since 2017 in Bulgaria.

White Dinner® is a trademark of PARTY MANAGEMENT company for the whole Europe and is on public sale of tickets by AVEM Ltd.

Party night with dress code in white is quite popular around the world, but having anurban sophisticated picnic in white where you can bring your own food and drinks, bring friends, colleagues or family and meet new ones because you will share a table with acquaintances and strangers is different.

Secret place: a gala dinner under the stars, for which the anticipation to the last – where the event will take place, is more than fascinating!

“The White Dinner is a sustainable event that challenges you to expect, to create and not just be a consumer.

An event in which we provide you with tables and chairs, an entertaining program with music and dancing, and you become the designer of your own table.

Rain or shine, the event is not cancelled and everyone is there!

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