“Dinner in White is run entirely with a team of volunteers around the world. Behind the organization of the event in Bulgaria, there is a team of specialists with 12 years of experience in hosting events, some of which are for 2,500 guests.

But….. this event, is different.

In it EVERYONE CREATES, even the guests themselves.
If you want to be part of the team, you are welcome as a volunteer.

Such a public event will give you a lot of knowledge, contacts and new friendships, and will challenge you.

What you get as part of the organizing team?

  • You become part of a team with a lot of experience in events from which you can draw information, experience and knowledge;
  • You become part of an inspiring event, a gala picnic where everyone creates their own beauty and sensations for the event;
  • You will be able to test your organizational abilities;
  • You’ll interact with dozens of people, make friends, meet interesting personalities and artists;
  • You will enjoy art, music and street art performances together with all the guests dressed in white and most of all…..
  • You’ll get a seat at the “Dinner in White” too!

What can you help us with?

You can help us in one of the following areas:

  • To help plan and organise the event;
  • To help as an ambassador for the event with communication;
  • Help sign up participants and win;
  • Helping out on the day as an event coordinator 🙂

What are we?

White Dinner® is a registered trademark for Europe.

The event will be held for the 3rd consecutive year in Bulgaria, in the cities of Sofia and Varna, with the format to be held in other countries in the Balkans.

Bulgaria is the first in the Balkans to implement the global concept of a sophisticated urban picnic in white.